Monday, December 17, 2012


This may be controversial but whatevs.

I don't believe in heroes. I believe in people choosing the right in times of stress and chaos. I think when we put their status up to the status of hero we are holding them higher than everyone else, which doesn't create equality. And when we don't have equality we have disruption. I believe that most people with a conscience and common sense would do the same as those who are deemed heroes. So why come up with the pressure to be something we are incapable of being.

I think that heroes to little children is nice but wouldn't it be better for them to believe in the human desire to love and care for all. Than to think of someone as a super hero rather than an amazing person. I just don't agree with the pressure and the lack of reality to it. I know this may not settle well with others and that is perfectly fine. I believe in what I believe as you believe in what you believe. I believe in human strength through body, heart and mind. I believe we are more capable of many of things but we are held back because there is such a pressure to do it perfectly or to do it to standards already set.

Please believe in yourself. You know you are very much capable. Don't allow any pressure to push you away from realistic dreams and beliefs. But also don't push yourself too far over an edge where you are not capable of lifting yourself up. Have common sense to that which you are desiring. Not everyone has common sense but just generally think about a decision before deciding.

Anywho, if I can help you, let me know :)


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