Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wowzers!! Life moves incredibly fast and amazingly. I am currently living at my sister's being a babysitter from 530 am to 400pm, best job ever. Long hours but I get to sleep on the job, so long as my niece is asleep :). The rest of the time I am off duty. However, I am a great aunt twenty-four seven ;) I enjoy what I am doing, there isn't much rest, like lazy rest, which is good and helpful to my bad routines. I am so blessed; it is hard for me to imagine my life without gratitude for our dear Heavenly Father. I love being a member of the truth and I love that I was open-hearted to the faithful messages Heavenly Father's children shared with me. I am so happy I was willing to be ready at the time in my life. I pray dearly, every single day for those who are unwilling to listen to the messages from God and continue to live thier live's without the greatest influence of the most magnificently loving Holy Spirit. I am so glad to have received the best gift of my life, the blessing of the Holy Ghost which in turn allows me to listen to Heavenly Father's will and which helps me toward my goal of the most Celestial Kingdom. I love Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for the many and continuous trials in my life. What a great blessing to be helped in the most constructive way. I mean think about it, when do we learn the most? When we have to work hard through something; we remember it the greatest because we had to work. Life is great, because we have to work for our joys and happiness. We have to actively be a particpant in our live's. We mustn't allow others to solely direct us or to have Heavenly Father solely direct us. We are human and therefore must direct our live's the way we see fit through guidance and experience. Heavenly Father loves us so much the He gave us agency and Jesus Christ most definitely loves us, He atoned for our sins that when we strayed from the path to our goal but whole-heartedly repented, He forgives our sin. What an amazing blessing to live. Please use the life you have been given to be a positive and loving influence on the live's of those you have never met, your best friends, your acquaintances, your family, yourself. Please love all, love must come before judging. It is the only way to truly be a friend and help those whom you can. We are striving to be Christ-like? Yes we are. We are sons and daughters of a most loving and caring Father in Heaven. I am loved. You are loved. I love you.

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