Friday, March 2, 2012

Well, I have been quite frustrated these past few weeks and I am trying to figure out why and I know why for most of my disappointment, but I wonder if there is something more that I could do. I am choosing to live my life more centered around Christ and I am trying to be happy through all of the sin. I am a very traditional person and I feel greatly that certain things should be regarded with the up most respect and consideration. However, I feel that the young people do not know consideration for someone other than themselves. I feel quite sad and like most of my peers are lonely, because they find joy and happiness in things that are empty. I feel that when I live the best I choose to, others live's are blessed so greatly that I think to myself why I even get down when there is no point or help for anyone in that. If I live righteously, others are going to see and they will desire to live better as well. But when I live in a slumpy and upset mood, I make others desire to stay the same or be effected by my non-appreciation for my blessings and love. I must say though, some people, I am one of them, sometimes when I see someone down and I am down too, I desire to be happier and living life to the fullest through their example of the "bad" puppy dog behavior. I know that I am a strong and beautiful daughter of Heavenly Father; I know that all the time. I just NEED to express it all the time. I need to help others see that life is so splendid and joyful. How can it not be? We don't have to travel to the temple, here at BYU-I. We don't have physical ailments that keep us from living comfortably daily, real serious ailments. We are able to read and understand the Gospel. We have been blessed the amazing bodies that function amazingly; that heal themselves, that digest food, that help us in many ways we are unable to completely understand. We are blessed. Count your blessings, name them one by one, you'll see, your life is all you want it to be and even MORE! I love life and I don't always express that because I allow the emotions of the world inside my heart and I want to say sorry if I have ever increased the likelihood of you feeling ungrateful, or sad, or lonely, or any other emotion not of our dear Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I am sorry, dearly I am. I love you and thank you, what beautiful people I am surrounded by. What amazing blessings of friendship and opportunity in this life through the ones I love. Thank you for all of your examples in one way or another, all of you have influenced me. Thank you for helping me become the strong and worthy daughter of God. Your blessings are many, and your tribulations few. Love you and joy to the world, Our Saviour is to come. A day to be working toward and in awe of. Amazingly blessed, yes we are. Love you!


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