Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello :)
Maybe I'm just too serious, but I really do not appreciate the almost mocking our Beloved Heavenly Father. I do not understand the purpose of the mocking. You will laugh at something that diminishes the Holy value of your Creator and Father? Would you do the same to your earthly father? Probably not because he is right there, you can see him. However, with the faith that we all should have, we do not need to see Heavenly Father, we KNOW He is here with us. So why mock our loving, kind, giving, wise,...Father in Heaven? Don't just go with the flow, most often the flow is the way of the world. And we are NOT of the world. Show everyone your light, let your spirit shine, we are peculiar people. I love you. Our Lord, our Redeemer, Jesus Christ loves you. Our Heavenly Father loves you, look at your blessings and trials, see how magnificent Heavenly Father is. Thank you :) Love you ALL DEARLY :) what great joy it is to live in these times :) We are the strength.

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